The Quickcut Marangon MDR6014 is a high capacity wholecrop header for both normal farm cropping requirements and energy crops. Development began in 2007 and the 6014 has been on the market since 2010 operating all over the world in every kind of crop and from the shortest to the tallest, with both large scale farmers and contracting operations. The unique Marangon disc bed with its trade mark round discs (for even drive load) and transmission completely eliminates chains and belts for a reliable and totally shaft driven system, and the large diameter (800mm) floating feed auger conveys the crop whatever the condition quickly and with an even feed to the forager harvesters chopping drum for smooth operation.

  • 6.0m/20ft cutting width

  • 14 round discs for even drive line load and low power requirement

  • Shaft drive to disc mower bar, no belts or chains

  • Hydraulically raised and lowered top cover to aid crop entry with excellent visibility

    Quickcut Marangon wholecrop header

  • 830mm diameter floating auger as standard

  • Self levelling headstock

  • Minimal daily maintenance requirements

  • Unique disc bar drive input means no drive shafts in crop

    Quickcut Marangon disc mower unique shaft drive system

  • Road trailer available

  • Available to suit most power units