Built with the farmer or smaller contractor in mind, the QC 400 was a highly capable yet economic wholecrop header. With a 4 meter cutting width, it can gave remarkable outputs for its size in all crop conditions, capable of harvesting 5-6 acres per hour. The New Genisis II QC4010 model introduced at LAMMA 2020  takes this machine forward to the next level of performance and reliability with similar features to the larger machines in the Quickcut range and some brand new ones. New features include a much larger (+50% increase) diameter feed auger at 830mm, also included is a much easier interchangeable sprocket system to give a minimum 4 speeds adjustments for differing crop conditions. The new Marangon disc mower bar comes from a proven range of Grass and Wholecrop mowing heads, and provides high performance mowing with a much simplified shaft driven power train, which is introduced to the mowing bar with a novel “dog leg” gear arrangement with no shafts or drive system inside the mowing bed. The 4010 also features a new interchangeable headstock system, allowing the machine to be fitted to different harvesters by fitting the appropriate headstock to the standard header with the removal of 4 pins, this headstock system also gives the ability to alter the running angel of the header to accommodate for different wheel options on different harvester models.

  • 4m/13ft width

    QuickCut 4010 wholecrop header on Claas forage harvester

  • NEW (Gen II) 10 round discs Marangon mowing bar which gives an excellent finish even at high forward speed

    QuickCut 4010 wholecrop header leaving a clean stubble

  • Totally shaft driven mower bar (no belts or chains) with drive introduced by the “dog leg” gear driven bar system, totally eliminating drive shafts inside the crop intake area.

    QuickCut whole crop header drive

  • Quick attach system to suit most Forage harvesters, the standard header accepts a range of interchangeable headstocks for popular harvesters with easily adjusted header angle to suit different wheel and tyre specifications.

  • High output thanks to a efficient all shaft driven mower bed, with no obstructive drive lines inside the harvesting area, and a large 830mm diameter fully floating auger which begins to pick up cut crop before leaving the mowing discs thanks to it overlapping the rear of the mowing discs by 25%.

  • Low maintenance oil immersed heavy duty gear driven head without drive shafts inside the crop harvesting area

    Quickcut Marangon disc mower unique shaft drive system

  • NEW (Gen II) 830mm diameter floating auger with quick change sprocket system to give ideal speed relative to crop conditions and with a 25% overlap on the mowing bed gives good crop lift even in short crops.

  • Optional road-going trailer for quick transfer between fields especially with optional hydraulic lowering system.

    Whole crop header and trailer on John Deere

    QuickCut 4010 Wholecrop header with hydraulic lowering trailer

  • QuickCuts interchangeable headstock system allows header to be mounted on different harvesters and the easily adjustable linkage allows header angle to perfectly match the harvester and field conditions

    Interchangable headstocks to suit most popular harvesters