The FOLDBAR from Quickcut & Marangon offers a unique folding system allowing users to transform from cutting to road transport in seconds, speeding up operations where frequent movement between fields is required where conventional fixed width headers have to be removed and transported separately. The FOLDBAR is a high output wholecrop header like its stable mates but with the ability to fold or unfold and be ready for work in less than a minute, saving valuable time to increase cutting time and minimise wasted transport time.

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  • 6.2m/21ft width

  • Hydraulic folding for transport in less than 60 seconds

  • 16 round profile low power absorption discs

  • Single input driveshaft and totally shaft driven disc bed drive (no chains or belts)

  • Proximity switches ensure correct timing of discs when unfolded

  • Hydraulic lift cover to adjust for crop flow with excellent visibility of incoming crop

  • Adjustable skids

  • Self levelling headstock

  • Floating auger as standard

  • 3.9 tons with quick attach 5th wheel transport option